By Jessica Blank and Erik Jensen • Directed by David Bradley
Wednesday, February 19, 2014 to Sunday, March 9, 2014

Meet Sunny: Nurturing Mother…Organic Farmer…Convicted Murderer

Hear the shocking stories of six former death row inmates who were released from prison after their convictions were overturned. A worst nightmare becomes reality when the justice system fails, thrusting innocent people into the volatile depths of the prison system. Derived from actual interviews and infused with hope, The Exonerated reveals the truth behind the stories that were traipsed through the courtroom.

"Stark...riveting...cunningly orchestrated.- The New Yorker

"A visceral reacting to stories of people unjustly sentenced to die.- The New York Times

"Ten years after its New York Premiere, THE EXONERATED still has the power to unsetlle." - The New York Times

"THE EXONERATED remains possible the best example of this particular style of docu-theater... speaks powerfully to both mind and heart." - The New York Post


Below, watch playwrights Erik Jensen and and Jessica Blank talk with Reason TV's Anthony L. Fisher about how they came to write THE EXONERATED, how the play influenced former Gov. George Ryan's decision to commute the sentences of Illinois' Death Row prisoners to life imprisonment, the support of the Innocence Project, and what life is like for freed prisoners upon returning to society.

Watch Kerry Max Cook, the real person behind the character of Kerry in THE EXONERATED.  He talks about his story and how he still finds difficulty in life following DNA samples proving that he was innocent of the crime the State accused him of.